Han Tian 田晗



Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


I just received my Ph.D. degree in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, supervised by Prof. Kai Chen and Prof. Qiang Yang. Before that, I received my B.Eng in biology engineering in 2012 from BUAA and M.Eng. in computer science from SYSU. My research interests are machine learning and its various applications in all possible aspects, including networking, system and privacy computing.

Publications (Google Scholar)


  1. Astraea: Towards Fair and Efficient Learning-based Congestion Control
    Xudong Liao*; Han Tian*(co-first); Chaoliang Zeng; Xinchen Wan; Kai Chen.
    EuroSys ‘24

  2. Towards Domain-Specific Network Transport for Distributed DNN Training
    Hao Wang; Han Tian; Jingrong Chen; Xinchen Wan; Jiacheng Xia; Gaoxiong Zeng; Wei Bai; Junchen Jiang; Yong Wang; Kai Chen.
    NSDI ‘24

  3. Accelerating Neural Recommendation Training with Embedding Scheduling
    Chaoliang Zeng; Xudong Liao; Xiaodian Cheng; Han Tian; Xinchen Wan; Hao Wang; Kai Chen.
    NSDI ‘24

  4. Accelerating Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning With GeniBatch
    Xinyang Huang; Junxue Zhang; Xiaodian Cheng; Hong Zhang; Yilun Jin; Shuihai Hu; Han Tian; Kai Chen.
    EuroSys ‘24

  5. MDP: Model Decomposition and Parallelization of Vision Transformer for Distributed Edge Inference
    Weiyan Wang; Yiming Zhang; Yilun Jin; Han Tian; Li Chen.
    The 19th International Conference on Mobility, Sensing, and Networking (MSN '23)

  6. Sphinx: Enabling Privacy-Preserving Online Learning over the Cloud
    Han Tian, Chaoliang Zeng; Zhenghang Ren; Di Chai; Junxue Zhang; Kai Chen; Qiang Yang.
    IEEE S&P ‘22 [Paper]

  7. Spine: An Efficient DRL-based Congestion Control with Ultra-low Overhead
    Han Tian, Xudong Liao, Chaoliang Zeng, Kai Chen.
    CoNEXT ‘22 [Paper]

  8. Multi-Objective Congestion Control
    Ma, Yiqing; Han Tian; Xudong Liao; Junxue Zhang; Weiyan Wang; Kai Chen.
    EuroSys ‘22 [Paper]


  1. Quantifying the Performance of Federated Transfer Learning.
    Qinghe Jing; Weiyan Wang; Junxue Zhang; Han Tian; Kai Chen
    International Workshop on Federated Machine Learning for User Privacy and Data Confidentiality (FML’19) in conjunction with IJCAI-19

  2. Herald: An Embedding Scheduler for Distributed Embedding Model Training.
    Chaoliang Zeng; Xiaodian CHENG; Han Tian; Hao WANG; Kai Chen.
    The 6th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Networking (APNet'22), Fuzhou, China, 1-2, July, 2022.


  1. Efficient DRL-based Congestion Control with Ultra-low Overhead
    Han Tian; Xudong Liao; Chaoliang Zeng; Decang Sun; Junxue Zhang; Kai Chen.
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (Accepted)

  2. The study of the association between immune monitoring and pneumonia in kidney transplant recipients through machine learning models.
    Bo Peng; Hang Gong; Han Tian; Quan Zhuang; Junhui Li; Ke Cheng; Yingzi Ming.
    Journal of Translational Medicine, v. 18, (1), 29 September 2020


  1. Tecent Intern: Shenzhen, China; 2016
  2. Object Detection with Deep Learning Workshop Lecturer
    HKUST Big Data Institute (BDI), Hong Kong, May 2018
  3. HKSAIR Deep Learning Workshop
    Hong Kong Society of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (HK-SAIR), Hong Kong, 2018-2020
  4. Teach assistant at HKUST (2017-Now)
    C++; Computer Architecture; Foundation of Data Analysis